Business Intelligence & Analytics Services


Every Data point has a story to tell. SMTM decodes the noise in your data sources to identify relationships that provide meaningful insights. 

Businesses facing intense competition need ways to improve productivity and forecast better into the future. Gut instinct is not enough to manoeuvre companies through this phase. Our analytics provides the necessary holistic perspective of your business to enhance your competitiveness and expand your horizons. SMTM helps you formulate the right questions to make your data more transparent and usable at a higher frequency

The decisions you make are only as good as your insights

Helping you Unlock





Business opportunities

Uncover new opportunities to grow and expand 

  • Customer Profiling 
  • Product Usability 
  • Correlations and Trends
  • Geographical Variations


Enable decision makers to base judgements on better insights 

  • Faster Data Pooling
  • Faster Information Extraction


Unlock bottlenecks for better resource allocation

  • Multidimensional view of Business Processes
  • Monitoring and Evaluation